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Accolades & Awards

Our commitment to maintaining the highest quality and customising our products and services to meet our customers needs have won us praise and appreciation. Listed below is a small sample:

LM Award

Gold medals in the Lockheed Martin 2007/08 India Innovation Program. Technologies assessed by University of Texas at Austin, USA.



has signed the Copenhagen Communiqué for Climate Change (2010) and the 2°C Challenge Communiqué (2011). Selected for the contribution being made, through the software SoftCAST, towards reduction of energy consumption and pollution in the foundry sector.




"As a user of Total Airport Management Information System (TAMIS) in “Zvartnots” International Airport I can say that it has resolved 95% of my problems there. It provides me with an integrated tool for Air planning, Aircraft movements, Fueling, Cargo warehouse, Departure control system, F.I.D.S., Ramp handling, Aeronautical invoicing, Accounting, Human resources. And it is doing quite well; the application has been developed through the last five years and it is now a mature tool that can offer any airport a reliable integrated solution. The real strength of this application is the high level of integration of its components that allow having no duplications in data inputting and a very friendly GUI. It allows easy integration with other systems or their separate modules."

Alberto Blaye
Systems Director
Aeropuertos Argentina 2000
Member of Airport Council International


"The use of the TAMIS in our Airport, has improved significantly the planning and control of the resources (aircraft parking positions, check in counters, baggage belts, etc.) Solutions offered by the airport GIS allowed us to considerably increase the coordination between Central Dispatcher Office, Aircraft service, Fuelling, Cargo service, Passenger service, Ramp handling, Border guard and Customs and to virtually eliminate the voice communication between them. The flexibility and speed of the system allows us to respond to the rapid changes generated every day by the aeronautical industry in general and airport activities in particular."

Marcelo Cervetto
Operations Manager
"Armenia International Airports"


"The EU/UNDP SCAD Programme has several main elements with BorderManagement being one of them. Additionally this Border Management element is thenbroken down into an integrated requirement for three Projects for Air, Sea and Land Borders Management and Security. The vital sector, of this element, being the development and operation of Anti-Smuggling Profiling Units with built-in Risk Management. The other major part of the three Projects is interface and full coordination between all the relevant Border Agencies such as Customs, Police,Immigration, Security, Health, Agriculture etc.The TAMIS system provides the overall operation requirements of Air and even Seaports and enables security officers to have access to relevant intelligence. The BMIS was able to fulfil the requirements for Land based Borders. The DIS was an excellent enhancement tool giving the relevant immigration and security officers a web-based source for documentation recognition and comparison. The three Systems currently being evaluated and tested have proved to be excellent and serious operational tools for Border Management and are highly recommended."

Peter Ranger
Consultant – Border Mgmnt & Security
Project Leader – SCAD Air, Sea & Land
Borders Projects
Eucojust - www.ecojust.org