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A DFM System for design assessment and optimisation for manufacturability.

OptimaDESIGNTM is built on a revolutionary technology and developed in collaboration with the foremost Science and Technology Institution in India – the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (ranked on par with the best in the world).It is technology that was created to assess a given design on manufacturability aspects, using 3D design rules, knowledge bases, analytical modules and genetic mapping technology. It leverages the NNP (near net process) knowledge that design (i.e. 3D geometry) drives manufacturability.

Through a host of features, OptimaDESIGNTM serves to guide the component designer on improvements to the design.

OptimaDESIGNTM is aimed at all NNP components with variants for castings (CastDESIGN©), forgings, plastic injection-molded components, and extrusions.