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A CAD tool used for rapid automated 2D to 3D conversion, 3D modeling and 3D-3D Interoperability.

A 3D solid model is needed for computer-based tasks in product development such as FEM, NC path generation, etc. However in most industries, part representation is predominantly in the form of blueprints containing various 2D views of the part. Thus for future reuse, the conversion of the 2D representations to 3D solid models becomes a necessity.

The existing methods of creating 3D solid models are very time and resource consuming. The high skills, effort & time needed, and hence costs, force companies either to postpone the conversion of their 2D data or to resort to conversion of only those that are absolutely necessary.

RapidSolidTM is built on a revolutionary technology and developed in collaboration with the foremost Science and Technology Institution in India the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (ranked on par with the best in the world).It is technology that was developed to deliver automated modeling (conversion of 2D drawing to 3D solid model) services to customers at a much lower costs and at phenomenally lower turnaround times.