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Casting Simulation & Methoding Services with ServeCASTTM

Casting Simulation, Method Analysis & Development, Quality Improvement & Yield Optimization.

Check your casting and predict shrinkage, porosity defects – without incurring tooling costs or waiting for trials. Check for /infer about other likely defects – tears /cracks, sand fusion, scab /drop, and inclusions. Assess your method for defect potential. Optimize it for quality and yield improvement.

The consulting services are performed using SoftCAST™ – the intelligent software for casting simulation and method analysis, backed by 50+ years of research and industry validation on all major cast metals and processes.

SoftCAST incorporates indicators that assess the potential for Yield improvement, for a given casting and its existing method. Its Comparative Report feature enables method improvement on the computer without shop floor trials. Another unique feature is its Feeding System that generates both Safe & Optimal designs

Range of Service

  • For all cast metals /alloys and processes
  • For castings of all weights
  • For all Foundries, Die-casting units & Tool makers

Types of Service

  • Castability Analysis
  • Existing Method Assessment (includes 1)
  • Method Design /Improvement - Quality Improvement (includes 2)
  • Method Design /Improvement - Yield Improvement (includes 3)