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A solidification and heat flow simulation and method design system for metal castings.

SoftCASTTM is built on a revolutionary technology and developed in collaboration with the foremost Science and Technology Institution in India the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (ranked on par with the best in the world).It is technology that was created to meet the real life problems of foundries. It helps you do away with the elaborate thermo physical data route that traditional thermal analysis requires.

Through a host of features, SoftCASTTM delivers one-shot productivity, quality, cost-effectiveness and convenience to your foundry. Yet at the same time the system is very easy to use. To date, it has been tried, tested and installed in a number of foundries both in India and abroad. Thousands of castings of various alloys and cast processes and method designs have been successfully analysed /developed /optimized with SoftCASTTM.

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