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Meeting real needs, saving time and costs, enhancing competitiveness

Oriental Software is a software products and services company, providing a range of specialist solutions to organisations in India and abroad. Our aim is to provide comprehensive leading-edge solutions that meet crucial needs of industry, that are excellent in quality and cost-effective to our customers, and are delivered within agreed timeframes. Our range of products and services are used across the world and has been successful in meeting our client’s objectives. At Oriental Software, we strive to ensure that our clients are able to seamlessly integrate our products to bring about greater efficiency, better coordination, improved security and significant savings on the short and long run

Oriental Software has two divisions:

  • Engineering Software Products & Services
  • I.T. Solutions & Services

The Products, Solutions and Services of Oriental Software provide direct business benefits and value to customers by addressing their problem areas and meeting their real needs. This is done by saving time and costs and by enhancing their competitiveness.