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IMT (Intelligent Mapping Technology)/ SpatialPix

IMT is an Internet-enabled, map-based platform for the storage, processing and real-time visualization of very high-quality information of any type and quantum.

Intelligent Mapping Technology (IMT)/ SpatialPix is an Internet-enabled map-based platform for storage, processing and real-time visualization of very high quality information of any type and quantum, without any requirement of high Internet bandwidth or high-end computing equipment.

Its online interactive map is a powerful tool for exchange of real-time information and collaboration with partners worldwide - any information on static and dynamic location of any objects at any place where an Internet connection is available. An example of this is virtual tours of historic properties and hotels.

IMT/ SpatialPix provides a unified environment for real-time exchange of data connected to objects geographical positions and their descriptions. Possession of real-time geographical information is one of the most primary tasks of organizing territorially distributed business. This unified environment provides geographical information exchange efficiently and quickly.

Key Features

  • Map based. All information is stored and located onto objects / entities on maps. Apart from the already available digital maps and maps that could be digitized from satellite imagery and aerial photographs, maps could also be input by a User based on ground data and own sketches. The map technology allows Users to draw a map or add to an existing map or modify the same.
  • Users can create their own objects on any map. Entities or objects could be anything, from the world map or planet view to a ring in a jewellery store located in a commercial district of a city.
  • The objects created on the map are active and can provide information according to their current status including co-ordinate readout.
  • Users can record or assign a whole lot of information to the objects on a map. Users can add data (to any level of detail) on any object on the map of interest in an interactive manner, online and in real-time. Data can be imported from existing databases. Besides, other application-specific databases can be linked in.
  • Very high quality images can be stored. For example, the maximum size of typical pictures normally available on the Net is of the order of a few megabytes. IMT allows storage and near real time streaming of images of the order of 500 MB to a GB and more.
  • There is no limitation on the information that can be stored:
    1. Any type of text (graphics, high-quality images, audio / video, animation, movie, etc).
    2. Any type of attachments - (pdf, word, excel, access, ppt, pps, avi, mpg, mov, jpg, gif, swf, etc).
    3. Any amount of information on the specific object / entity can be recorded.
  • Very high magnification or zooming capabilities enable the User to view very minute / intricate details of objects, zooming down from a 30, 0000 ft. View Conversely, this means that it is now possible to store information of such high-quality and make it available to Users across the Globe, in near real-time via the Internet.
  • It is multi-lingual with a number of languages already enabled (more continue to be added). Virtual keyboards enable Users to input and view information in a language of choice, without any need to download fonts & drivers for the multi-lingual access.
  • An extremely powerful phonetic search engine enables Users to search for and retrieve information even with non-exact or poor quality keywords, across languages.
  • Contextual multilingual search of objects by name, address, operation type, etc. using sound-like or phonetic search, content search, synonym search, and multilingual search methods. Content search and phonetic search methods are integrated and can be used with the synonym search method.
  • Only a small amount of data is transmitted during the map loading process onto the User's computer. This unique feature enables even wireless Internet and Users with a very poor connection to use the system. Any computer with a browser and dial-up IP connection to the Net will suffice. User does not require a high-speed connection to the Internet.
  • Thus there are no special requirements on the equipment at the User end. Besides, the User need not procure expensive software licenses or download / install / set up heavy-footprint software.

Advantages of IMT/ SpatialPix (In context of Virtual Tours)

  • Virtual tour allows the visitor to feel, explore and experience a property (hotel, real estate, restaurant, etc.) sitting anywhere in the world.
  • Virtual tour is more realistic than still images and is highly optimized in size compared to videos.
  • Killer presentation tool with applications like e-Brochure, CD presentation, Kiosks and website.
  • Virtual tour provides detailed information which makes it a perfect decision making tool to generate quick response and boost sales figures.
  • Virtual tour offers 46% more sales compared to still images.