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TAMIS (Total Airport Management Information System)

TAMIS is a complete solution that combines and manages all the main aspects of the airport business, accurately and efficiently in a real-time information environment.

Total Airport Management Information System (TAMIS) is a complete modern web-based 24x7 online real-time solution for both national and international airports. It is a business application that caters to all functional aspects of an airport operation. A very comprehensive and sophisticated solution, incorporating the best-of-breed concepts and software design, TAMIS is a state-of-the-art system, on par with the best in the world. It is highly automated and integrated, with an easy to use client interface.

An ICAO-compliant system solution, TAMIS is based on a number of subsystems, each of which can function as a separate application. The design of the system provides for easy and structured information exchange between all subsystems in real time. This enables the system to operate as a common information management platform for all the port services, catering to all functionality. Its design lays particular emphasis on all aspects of information security, reliability and fast transaction capabilities and capacities.

In the case of international airports / seaports, TAMIS includes a Duty-free and Duty-pay module. Also included is a Border Management Information System (BMIS). BMIS records and monitors all people movement into and out of the international borders of the country, facilitating genuine migration and preventing/ controlling illegal migration, trafficking, etc. BMIS is designed such that it functions as a separate application system and also as a subsystem in TAMIS.

Key Features

  • Extensive querying and reporting facilities integrated in a "neural network" across the system. Real time, online, integrated system, covering all functional areas of a modern national or international airport.
  • Web functionality - information, query and alerts across the Net.
  • Highly modular structure enables providing functions absent in existing systems.
  • Option to interface with Legacy systems to impart interoperability, web functionality.
  • Multi-lingual system with a powerful intelligent phonetic-based search engine that retrieves matching and near-matching words and phrases (names, descriptions, addresses, etc.).
  • Border Management Information System.
  • Document Identification System.
  • Complete ERP functionality. Also interfaces with industry standard systems such as SAP & Oracle.
  • Financial Information Sub-system with Real-time Revenue & Expense Control module.
  • Human Resource Management with Payroll Management.
  • Access Control Sub-system.
  • Very user-friendly. Minimum data entry requirements as the system enables extensive pre-populating of entry / user screens with data already available elsewhere across the entire system. Users require just a thin client with a browser front-end and a normal IP connection.

Advantages of Using TAMIS

  • TAMIS provides for easy and structured information exchange between all subsystems on location and value of data in real time.
  • In big airports more than 20 systems operate to fulfil all operations. All those functions can be performed by TAMIS.
  • It brings about an increase in efficiency in major operational and administrative activities at an airport especially in Resource management, Revenue and Expense Control.
  • It increases the airport passenger capacity by allowing the airlines to share the use of passenger handling facilities.
  • TAMIS identifies potential bottlenecks and provides for conflict resolution.
  • It provides effective personnel management with easy and fast mobilization of personnel in emergency situations.
  • TAMIS is designed to control and operate loads of flights. It automates the traffic control service and coordinates airport services to the arriving / departing aircraft via notification and information system for the appropriate departments.
  • It brings about improvement in cash flows through faster and more accurate billing of aviation related charges and fees.
  • TAMIS gives a real-time balance-sheet, income statement, cash flow and other calculations with a multicurrency view.
  • It provides the airport marketing department with data needed to analyse trends and develop timely programs to promote airport services.
  • It eliminates the scope for erroneous decisions in complex airport operations.
  • TAMIS makes the Flight Display/ Passenger Information system customer friendly by getting them on the visual display systems at the airport as well as the airport website.